The Cure From Philly

I have gone to a shit tons of concerts in my time. I had a period in 2020-2022 which I didn’t go to many shows, both because of Pandemic shut down, and as well as some stuff that was going on in my life. But things cleared up this summer and I have gone to a bunch of shows. Everything from Tiny Bopper shit like Olivia Rodrigo or Sabrina Carpenter (both of which are shockingly good live) all the way to old school classic rock bands like Kansas. It’s literally all over the place.


With that said I have seem a lot of good single songs. Going back to Rodrigo she did a Bonkers “Good 4 u” In Toronto. And recently I saw Sting at Jones Beach where the entire show was great, but the “So Lonely” with the “No Woman No Cry” section was super dope. But the best single block of things I have seem, still has to be the Encore for The Cure at Wells Fargo Center back in June


Close to Me
Why Can’t I be You
In Between days
Just Like Heaven
Boys Don’t Cry


Robert Smith can still bring it like a Mofo. Here is the Video from that section from the show


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