Saturday 80s: When in Rome – The Promise

When in Rome’s ‘The Promise’ is an enduring anthem of the new wave and synth-pop era, released in 1988. The song’s pulsating beats and infectious melody, coupled with Clive Farrington’s emotive vocals, create an irresistible sonic experience. The lyrics speak of love and commitment, encapsulating the romantic yearning of the late ’80s. ‘The Promise’ stands out for its poignant simplicity, offering a timeless message of fidelity and devotion. The iconic chorus, with its soaring harmonies, has made it a staple in ’80s playlists and a cherished classic. When in Rome’s brief yet impactful musical legacy is epitomized by ‘The Promise,’ a track that resonates with audiences across generations, reminding us of the enduring power of sincere and heartfelt pop music

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Author: guyute