Saturday 80s: Animotion – Obsession

“Obsession” by Animotion is an iconic synth-pop track that emerged in the mid-1980s, leaving an indelible mark on the music landscape of that era. Released in 1984, the song showcases the distinct blend of new wave and synth-pop elements that defined the sound of the ’80s.

Fronted by the charismatic duo of Bill Wadhams and Astrid Plane, Animotion delivered a dynamic and infectious performance on “Obsession.” The song’s pulsating synthesizers, catchy hooks, and the sultry interplay between Wadhams and Plane’s vocals create a captivating sonic experience. The lyrics tell a tale of infatuation and desire, exploring the intense emotions that come with romantic fixation.

The chorus, with its memorable repetition of the word “obsession,” became a hallmark of the song and contributed to its widespread popularity. “Obsession” quickly climbed the charts, reaching the top ten in the United States, and its music video, featuring stylish visuals and the charismatic presence of the band members, added to its allure.

The success of “Obsession” not only solidified Animotion’s place in the synth-pop scene but also made the song a timeless classic. Its continued presence on ’80s playlists, movie soundtracks, and retrospective compilations underscores its enduring appeal. “Obsession” remains a standout example of the synth-pop genre, capturing the essence of the era with its sleek production, evocative lyrics, and an irresistible melody that has stood the test of time.

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Author: guyute