Pink is pretty damn awesome live

I have been to a lot of concerts in my time. I mean A LOT. You see some good shows, you see some bad shows, you see more mediocre shows than anything, and once in a great while you see a truely awesome show or a turely terrible show. I saw Both of the latter recently in the span of 24 hours

First I saw Everclear. A Band that totally dominated the 1990s. While some bands from that Era that had similar success such as Counting Crows, Barenaked Ladies, Jimmy Eat World, and others, still to this day tour and play 10,000+ seat places, and while they might not sell them out, they put a pretty solid dent in the attendance. Everclear on the other hand? Not so much.

I want to say that there was maybe 200 people there, but that’s probably pushing it. It was probably closer to the 125-150 range. The show itself was just God Awful.

First off, Art Alexakis would not shut the hell up. It was like a VH1 Storytellers show. He felt the need to talk between almost every song. Which granted I’m not USUALLY a fan of, but from time to time if they tell cool stories or something it can be interesting. But this was just incoherent babbling. Minutes of straight up rambling. Musically it was terrible as well. The band played like shit. Missed notes and changes all over the damn place. I realize Alexakis has Relapsing/Remitting MS, but he still sings like garbage. The crowd was not into it AT ALL. It was maybe the quietest show I have ever seen. It was the opposite of Taylor Swift, where the crowd was so loud it actually ruined the show because all you could hear were people screaming. 99% of the time here is a happy medium between the two. But This was just weird. It was like people were forced to be there. No dancing, no singing, it was like a prison. We only watched about a half hour of it. I can’t imagine anyone ( outside of delusional hardcore fans that will watch them do literally anything) could have enjoyed it.

Then the next night we went to see Pink. It’s been a while since I saw Pink Live, somewhere like 2016 I think. Her shows used to be pretty good. She was always full of energy and had bright colorful energetic stage shows that would get the crowd excited. However she is on the wrong side of 40 now days, 44 to be exact, so I figured she would have to calm down with some of the crazier things she did the last time I saw here.

Oh boy was I wrong. Right out of the gate from the first song she opened with “Get This Party Started” she was up to her old tricks, and doing all sorts of aerobatic stuff

When she was keeping her feet on the stage, she also had a very bright, and colorful and super energetic stage show to go along with all of the songs. She also had a giant disco Ball on the stage that was actually a changing station which she would go into every time she did a costume change


In the 30 minutes we were at Everclear it felt like 10 hours. Pink was on stage a little over 2 hours and the time flew by. As expected she played all of her hit songs, as wel as some cool covers, such as “Heartbreaker”


The cherry on top of the show was when she did “So What” and was flying around the entire arena like she was goddamn spiderman

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