How to make Free Money

When it comes to investing, everyone knows I LOVE dividends. How could you not love them, it’s literally free money. There are so many investors, literally like 99% of them, that are so goddamn worried about their day by day, wee by week or year by year return. They look at this shit and do not care a single cent about dividends.


Oh Look at Me. I have a stock that had a 5% return this year. Go Me!


Meanwhile you could have another stock which has a 1% return, BUT paid 6% dividends. So you actually made 2% more. But “Dude Bros” never think of that shit.


Hands down with out a doubt the best stock you ever want to by is Prospect Capital. As far as the actual price of the stock goes, who the fuck cares. It might be $5 it might be $8, I don’t give a shit. The share price means nothing, because to me is is all about the dividends. They pay 6 cents per share every month.


If you have 100 shares and it is standing at $8 a share around the 19th of the month you get $6 in free money.


If you have 100 shares and it is standing at $2 a share around the 19th of the month, you still get $6 in free money.


Ypu own the stock long enough to pay off the principal and every single month is totally free money.


Yeah, you’re not going to take $1000 and be a millionaire. But you are going to constantly make money


I have farted around with this stuff for MANY years, and I actually have a thing where with your investments you can get FREE money dividends every single week.


There are a couple EFT funds, like TGIF which will give you dividends every single week, but they are super low, you need to invest like $200 to get 1 cent per week. If you got the money, I say go for it.


But I have been fiddling around with this mix for literally like 20+ years to get it right. And I’ll Tell You.


There are 12 stocks that you need to buy. When you buy these stock (after 3 months) they will pay you dividends every single week. We’re not not talking tons of money, it’s a few cents here and there, but if you add more money they will get Bigger. But they do result in 100% FREE money to yourself every single week.


It goes based off the stocks and when they do their payments. So here we go. Again this will get you at least SOMETHING every single week


Personally I still recommend PSEC you can’t beat that. But if you want to have an investment, AND get dividends, here is what you have to do.


#1: Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)
#2: AT%T (T)
#3: Pfiser (PFE)
#4: P10 (PX)
#5: : Avery Dennison (AVY)
#6: Walmart (WMT)
#7: Altria (MO)
#8: Blackstone (BX)
#9: :Apple (APPL)
#10: Simon Property Group (SPG)
#11: Catepillar (CAT)
#12: Cisco Systems (CSCO)


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