Awesome Terrible Movie: Tromeo and Juliet

“Tromeo and Juliet,” directed by Lloyd Kaufman and James Gunn, is a modern, punk-rock interpretation of William Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy “Romeo and Juliet.” Released in 1996, the film is a product of Troma Entertainment, known for its low-budget, independent, and often controversial films. “Tromeo and Juliet” takes Shakespeare’s classic tale of star-crossed lovers and injects it with a healthy dose of absurdity, violence, and dark humor.

Plot Summary:
The film unfolds in a contemporary, alternative New York City, where two rival families, the Ques and the Capulets, are engaged in a bitter feud. Tromeo Que (Will Keenan), a rebellious punk from the Que family, falls in love with Juliet Capulet (Jane Jensen), a free-spirited and rebellious woman from the rival clan. The story mirrors the Shakespearean original but takes creative liberties, adding a distinctly Troma twist.

The star-crossed lovers’ relationship faces numerous obstacles, including their families’ vehement opposition, societal expectations, and the antics of eccentric characters like Mercutio (Maximillian Shaun), Tromeo’s best friend, and the eccentric and sexually charged Father Lawrence (Lloyd Kaufman).

As the narrative unfolds, “Tromeo and Juliet” deviates from Shakespearean tradition by introducing elements of body horror, surrealism, and over-the-top violence. The film includes scenes of gratuitous gore, bizarre sexual encounters, and surreal dream sequences, challenging the boundaries of conventional storytelling.

The film also explores themes of rebellion, individualism, and the destructive nature of feuds and societal norms. Tromeo and Juliet’s journey becomes a chaotic and darkly comedic exploration of love and identity in a world gone mad.

“Tromeo and Juliet” is a cinematic oddity that embodies the spirit of Troma Entertainment. Lloyd Kaufman and James Gunn, known for their unconventional approach to filmmaking, deliver a unique and irreverent take on Shakespeare’s tragedy. The film’s low-budget aesthetic, deliberately campy performances, and outrageous visuals contribute to its cult appeal.

Will Keenan and Jane Jensen embrace the anarchic tone of the film, delivering performances that balance the absurdity of the narrative with genuine emotional moments. The supporting cast, including the eccentric portrayal of Father Lawrence by Lloyd Kaufman himself, adds to the film’s quirky charm.

The film’s success lies in its ability to simultaneously pay homage to and parody Shakespeare’s work. The incorporation of contemporary elements, such as punk rock music and subversive humor, provides a fresh and irreverent perspective on the classic tale. The script cleverly weaves Shakespearean language with modern slang, creating a dialogue that is both faithful to the original and hilariously anachronistic.

“Tromeo and Juliet” is not without its flaws. The deliberate embrace of campiness and shock value may alienate some viewers, and the film’s explicit content and unconventional narrative style make it an acquired taste. However, for fans of Troma’s signature brand of cinema, the film is a triumph in its audacity and commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional storytelling.

In conclusion, “Tromeo and Juliet” is a Tromatic reinterpretation of a literary classic. Its unapologetic embrace of camp, gore, and irreverence makes it a standout in the world of cult cinema. While not for everyone, those with a taste for the eccentric and a willingness to engage with the unconventional will find “Tromeo and Juliet” to be a uniquely entertaining and memorable experience.

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