Awesome Terrible Movie: Dr. Giggles

“Dr. Giggles” (1992), directed by Manny Coto, is a horror-comedy that introduces audiences to the eccentric and malevolent Dr. Evan Rendell, also known as Dr. Giggles. The film unfolds in the town of Moorehigh, where the local residents are haunted by a dark history. Dr. Rendell, whose father was a deranged doctor, returns to the town seeking vengeance for the unjust death of his parents. Armed with a twisted sense of humor and a penchant for surgical instruments, Dr. Giggles embarks on a murderous spree, targeting the unsuspecting townsfolk.

As the body count rises, a local teenager named Jennifer Campbell (played by Holly Marie Combs) becomes a central figure in the doctor’s deadly game. Alongside her boyfriend Max Anderson (played by Glenn Quinn), Jennifer must confront the demented doctor and unravel the dark secrets of her family’s past.


“Dr. Giggles” is a gleefully unhinged horror romp that revels in its absurdity and embraces the conventions of the slasher genre. Larry Drake, known for his role in “Darkman,” delivers a memorable performance as the titular Dr. Giggles, infusing the character with a charismatic blend of madness and dark humor.

The film’s strength lies in its willingness to blend horror and comedy, creating a unique tonal experience that keeps the audience engaged. Manny Coto’s direction maintains a brisk pace, ensuring that the film doesn’t linger too long on any single scene and capitalizing on the inherent absurdity of the premise.

The kills in “Dr. Giggles” are inventive and over-the-top, with the doctor utilizing medical instruments in gruesome and creative ways. The practical effects add a visceral quality to the horror, and the film doesn’t shy away from showcasing the blood and gore typical of the slasher genre.

Holly Marie Combs delivers a solid performance as the film’s protagonist, grounding the narrative with a relatable character amidst the chaos. The script manages to inject humor into even the most tense moments, balancing scares with laughs and making “Dr. Giggles” an entertaining and unpredictable watch.

While the film doesn’t delve deep into psychological horror or offer profound social commentary, it succeeds in delivering on its promise of a fun and eccentric slasher experience. “Dr. Giggles” found its niche among fans of ’90s horror and remains a cult classic for those who appreciate films that don’t take themselves too seriously.

In conclusion, “Dr. Giggles” is a quirky and entertaining entry into the slasher genre. Its blend of horror and humor, coupled with Larry Drake’s memorable performance, has secured its status as a cult favorite. For fans of campy horror with a healthy dose of laughs, this film offers a prescription for an enjoyable and offbeat cinematic experience.

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