Awesome Terrible Movie: Class of Nuke ‘Em High

“Class of Nuke ‘Em High” (1986), directed by Lloyd Kaufman and Richard W. Haines, is a schlocky, sci-fi horror-comedy that unfolds in the irradiated halls of Tromaville High School. The film presents a narrative centered on the consequences of a nearby nuclear power plant’s radioactive leakage. As the toxic waste infiltrates the local marijuana supply, students at Tromaville High experience bizarre mutations, transforming into a horde of delinquent mutants.

The plot follows the misadventures of Warren (Janelle Brady) and Chrissy (Gil Brenton), two love-struck students caught in the midst of the nuclear chaos. The mutated student body indulges in violent and lewd behavior, unleashing pandemonium within the school’s walls. Amidst the radioactive mayhem, Warren and Chrissy attempt to uncover the truth behind the bizarre occurrences and the malevolent forces at play.


“Class of Nuke ‘Em High” is a cinematic rollercoaster that encapsulates the irreverent spirit of Troma Entertainment, the studio known for its low-budget, high-energy cult films. The movie, while deliberately absurd and campy, manages to deliver a unique and memorable experience for fans of over-the-top horror-comedies.

The film revels in its outrageous premise, combining elements of satire, slapstick humor, and gore. The practical effects, though intentionally cheesy, contribute to the film’s nostalgic charm. The mutated creatures, including a giant mutant squirrel, are a testament to the film’s commitment to embracing the bizarre.

The performances in “Class of Nuke ‘Em High” match the film’s tongue-in-cheek tone. The cast, though not aiming for Shakespearean drama, delivers performances that align with the over-the-top nature of the narrative. Lloyd Kaufman, who also co-directed the film, makes a memorable appearance as the eccentric principal.

The narrative, while seemingly chaotic, is a satirical commentary on societal fears surrounding nuclear power and substance abuse. It embraces its B-movie status with pride, making it a favorite among fans of cult cinema. The film’s intentional disregard for conventional filmmaking norms and its gleeful embrace of absurdity contribute to its lasting cult appeal.

While “Class of Nuke ‘Em High” may not be everyone’s cup of radioactive tea, it stands as a testament to the unapologetic creativity and irreverence that defines Troma films. For those who appreciate films that defy convention, revel in campiness, and embrace the peculiar, “Class of Nuke ‘Em High” remains a cult classic that invites viewers to take a wild and radioactive trip into the absurd.

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