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Bob Marley – Three Little Birds

Phish | 12.29.11 | Roses Are Free

Phish NYE 2019 – Rescue Squad

For the main gag for the Phish 2019 NYE show, it was “Send in the Clones” They had dozens of dancers dressed up like the members of Phish dancing on stage. While the dancers were dancing, each of the band members were on platforms that were going up and down in the air. After Midnight hit and they played “Sand” all of the platforms were supposed to return to the stage, each member was supposed to get off, and then show would go on.

However, Trey’s platform got stuck in the air. After a few minutes of trying to fix it he said “Fuck it lets just keep going”. So they played the next songs, “Drifting While You’re Sleeping”, “What’s the Use”, and “You Enjoy Meself” with Trey stuck in the air on the platform.

When the set was over the other 3 members of the band left the stage. Trey just sat down on his platform. Everyone came back out and they did an encore of “Tweezer Reprise”. When that was done, the show was over. Mike, Page and Jon left the stage. However, Trey was still stuck up in the air on his platform.

As the Emergency people worked to get him down her improvised a song about the people called “Rescue Squad”

Here it is

Grateful Dead and Trey – Bertha

PHISH : Ride Captain Ride

Phish – Harry Hood, Clifford Ball 8/16/96